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Opportunities for Students

Launching into Learning

An exciting range of rich and varied opportunities for learning and play are organised by our Early Learning team for the youngest members of our school community to recognise that learning starts from birth to 4 years.

Children and parents are invited to attend any or all of our sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays. Each session has a slightly different format but all focus on building confidence and independence and helping to ready children for the transition into kindergarten. Specific sessions are organised for pre-kinder children as they prepare for their start to kindergarten.

Perth Primary School is a proud member of the B4 Coalition, recognising the critical importance of the early years of a child's life to their future success. B4 Coalition supports high-quality learning and care experiences for all Tasmanian children from pregnancy to age 8. We look forward to meeting you and your child at our Launching into Learning sessions. Further information is available from the office.

Daily Physical Education

Daily PE is a highly visible sign of our strong priority on Student Wellbeing. There are smiles all round as students begin each day with a 15-minute session of vigorous exercise, with activities led by Grade 6 leaders. The research is quite clear that regular daily exercise patterns developed during childhood contribute to a healthy lifestyle. There are also strong links between rigorous exercise and concentration and learning, so starting each day with a fitness run or some other skills or outdoor activity is a win-win all round.

Esk Band

Esk Band offers students the opportunity to learn a band instrument in small group tuition. This is a co-funded program between parents, the school and the Department of Education and offers exciting musical opportunities for interested students. Our students have made excellent progress and are sounding fantastic. The PPS band performs at times in assembly. Parents are invited to a gala end-of-year performance, which features all band members from across northern schools performing together.