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Information for Parents

Academic Learning Kindergarten  Prep – Year 6
Physical Learning Social Learning School Rules Year 6
Creative Arts Learning Student Leadership Parents as Partners
School Association Canteen

Academic Learning

Perth offers a rich program aimed at meeting the needs of each child and helping them to reach their full potential.


Prep to Year 6

Physical Learning

In the physical education area, in addition to a weekly class, the school has a daily physical education program, which is implemented for all classes. There are annual school carnivals in swimming, cross-country and athletics. Students from Grades 3 to 6 have the opportunity for selection to representative teams participating in NMPSSA (Northern Midlands Primary School Sports Association) carnivals. The Houses at Perth are Hirst (blue), Bramich (black) and Lyons (yellow), named after the longest serving and most famous of our previous principals.

Perth has attained accreditation as an Asthma Friendly School and Move Well Eat Well School.

Social Learning

At Perth Primary School, there is an emphasis on creating and maintaining a supportive school community. This involves encouraging all students to accept responsibility for their actions and making appropriate choices in relation to their behaviour. We provide a caring environment that ensures physical and emotional safety to optimise learning for all age groups. We build positive self-esteem and personal growth and to protect the rights of students and staff.

Student Leadership

At Perth, we have a Student Leaders program involving all our Grade 6 students. During their time as Student Leaders, our grade 6 students have the experience of participating in many different activities designed to build their self-confidence and leadership skills. These include: an award-winning program operated in conjunction with Eskleigh, which sees them visit Eskleigh to join in activities with the residents; taking the responsibility of being first aid officers during break times; being bike monitors and acting as role models and mentors for younger students. A program of fund raising for charities is conducted throughout the year.

Parents as Partners

Perth Primary School enjoys an active partnership between all members of the school community. Parent help in all classrooms is strongly encouraged, and is a highlight of parents’ involvement in our school. Volunteer parents also regularly assist with excursions, sports coaching and literacy tuition. We also operate on the premise that parents have access to teachers to discuss their child any time throughout the year, by appointment.

All volunteers working in the school are required to have a current Working With Vulnerable People registration.

School Association

The Perth Primary School Association is a committed and active parent and staff body, which oversees many important functions. The Association includes; the Principal, 1-2 staff members, 4-6 parent members and 1-2 community members who meet at least once a term.

  • Shares in the approval of all planning and budgetary programs
  • Contributes to the formulation of policy e.g. uniform, assessment and reporting, and Asthma Friendly Policy
  • Provides a forum where issues regarding our school can be discussed
  • Provides wonderful support to the school.


  • Chairperson: Melissa Smith
  • Secretary: Tara Henderson
  • Treasurer: Holly Clayton
  • Principal: Abbi Dean


Our Fundraising Group organise various events and activities to raise funds to support the school, including hot-food days such as sausage sizzles, raffles, fairs and many other enterprises. There is an effort to make one major contribution a year to the total school environment. Meetings are held once a month on the third Wednesday of each month. Information regarding these meetings are published in the newsletter.

Correspondence should be addressed to 181 Fairtlough Street, Perth Tas 7300


Our school canteen operates once per week offering healthy options for our students. Our canteen is a member of the Tasmanian School Canteen Association Inc.