We encourage the wearing of school uniform every day.
Uniform sales: The uniform shop is open Monday and Friday from 8.45 am and 2.45 pm.
The school uniform shop is managed by the school and parent volunteers take care of sales.
Both new and used uniform items can be purchased and include:
Everyday School Uniform:
Hats                                         Shoes & Socks
Navy blue bucket hat                   Black Shoes
Navy blue slouch hat                   Navy blue socks
Navy blue legionnaire's hat

Boys:                                        Girls:  
Navy cargo shorts                       Cotton/Polyester summer dress in school material 
Navy long cargo pants                 Winter tartan skirt in school material
                                                 Bootleg Trousers
School spray jacket with logo
School rugby top
Polo vest
Light blue polo shirt with school logo (long and short sleeves available)
School Bags with logo (optional)
Sports Uniform:
Bottoms                                       Tops:
Navy blue sports shorts                    Rugby Top
Navy blue trackpants                        Sport polo shirt with school logo(optional)
Navy sports skirt                             
Hats and socks (as for regular uniform)
Shoes - (Joggers)

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