Where it all started.
Perth Township was named by Colonel Lachlan Macquarie, Governor of New South Wales, in 1821.
“….I fixed on the place for the public ferry and also on the site of a township …. Which I have named Perth”. (Governor Macquarie’s Journal – Monday May 28th, 1821.)
In 1826 Archdeacon T.H. Scott of New South Wales, during Governor Arthur’s term of office, advocated Perth as the site for a school because of the increasing population of the area. Plans were drawn up and the first Perth School, known as the King’s School was built in 1833 with William MacDowell as the first school master. This makes Perth the oldest school in Tasmania.
By 1860 the school community had outgrown the original site in Punt Lane and a new school was built in Frederick Street. Mr Joseph Lyons spent time as acting head teacher during 1908 and returned to Perth School some years later to visit, during his time as Prime Minister of Australia. The buildings in Frederick Street housed the school children of Perth until, due to ongoing growth in the community and action from the staff and parent communities, finally, in 1996 work commenced on the construction of classrooms, library and administration blocks and so the move to Fairtlough Street began.
Today Perth Primary School boasts 260 students from Kindergarten to Grade 6, 14 teaching staff, 7 support staff, a vibrant and supportive School Association and an enlightened educational curriculum. It is a happy and friendly environment where the needs of the community and those individuals within it provide the major focus for opportunities provided. It plays an important role in the community of Perth and is a pathway to greater things for all our students through care, consideration, and an expectation that we always do our best.